Angelica Lips da Cruz CEO INNORBIS by ALDC Partnership is one of Europe Global leading experts igniting sustainable market evolution. Empowering the world to act with advance technology information. Global expert  sustainability/impact/ESG metrics accelerating integration in financial markets. Societal growth.

Angelica Lips da Cruz one of the 30 most inspiring leaders 2021- Building a new economy, igniting sustainable growth, accelerating ReFi-Empowering regenerative business- “Best CEO in the Sustainability / ESG Systems Industry and Tech Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 – Sweden’ in the Business Worldwide Magazine 2021 awards. 

Founder ALDC Partnership – cross-sector projects with large partners for cutting edge solutions
Founder CEO of INNORBIS – digital analytic sustainability/impact/ESG measurement tool with multidimensional factors analysis for sustainable development, integrating sustainability data measurements in the economics for multi stakeholder ownership and value creation.

Angelica is an executive, leader and entrepreneur working in the intersection of multidisciplinary tasks for accelerating sustainable development solutions, together with worldwide experts and advanced technology such as deep mathematical data science and AI strategy.
Angelica’s background is in international investment banking, large corporations, and business establishments. A former Vice President of Citibank, RCI Banque and SEB responsible for client relationship, global products, digital systems and very large portfolios. Today her focus is to accelerate market dynamics to bridge the transition for a sustainable development, pioneering and boosting real value growth for the development of our society and the care for our planet. Her mission is within the acceleration of sustainable capital allocation, investments and corporate priorities for the audacious goal and purpose driven agenda of sustainability for a better future together matching the ambition of the next generation.

Angelica works strategically within the steering mechanisms of financial markets, educating and driving projects scaling up on the mission, providing automatic and simple solutions for traditional markets towards the marriage between sustainability, ethics and economic growth.

Angelica is an authority in sustainable finance measurements, ranked amongst prestigious global keynote speakers, prestigious leading influencers, always ahead of times with ideas being frequently quoted worldwide.
Angelica is a co-author of “Accelerating the realization of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals through metrological multi- stakeholder interoperability” paper presented at HLPF – High Level Political Forum and IMEKO. Present at UN Sustainable Summit.

Endorsement B-Spoken

We asked Angelica with what she learned about B-Spoken what her summary is.

I would say that B-Spoken has the right time to market product that needs to be there right now with the transparency, the sustainability that is needed and with the service that the customer wants. The best fit.