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Register to become a B-Spoken Member by introduction through one of our B-Spoken Ambassadors and or through your Company to enjoy our Membership Privileges.

1/ 40 – 70% discount on the Retail Price of Sustainable Luxury Collections when Purchased in A-Gold or A-Platinum Value Packages*. As we deliver direct from our Transparent Partner Factories in Italy to you, we can skip third parties, saving Costs and CO2 emissions. You can select out of Hundreds of different Styles to Create your own Value Package. 

2/ B-Spoken Personal Assistance, Livestream, to support you with the most suitable Outfits for you and with the most suitable Interior for your Home.  

3/ Limited Editions’ First Choice in High-Quality Men’s and Women’s Apparel and Luxury Interior Products. 

4/ Use our 3D Visual Furniture App to visualize it in 3D in your own Home in seconds.

5/ Use our 2D Visual Clothing and Shoes App to visualize it on yourself in seconds.

6/ Access to our Exclusive B-Spoken Sustainable Luxury Events, which we organize together with Business Clubs for our B-Spoken Corporate Members at Prestigious Locations in Amsterdam or The Hague. Twice a Year, an excellent way to expand your Network