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For nearly two decades, Theo Wit was National and Global Account Director in the Greater China Region (GCR) for major multinational corporation Eastman Kodak. In addition, Theo Wit was a member of the Leadership Team, within Eastman Kodak’s Enterprise Group (GCG-GCR), which included representation of the High-Speed Document Scanning Hardware and Software solution in territories throughout APAC, including China, Australia, and New Zealand. In 2006, Theo Wit succeeded in delivering the GCR full year financial revenue and earnings goal, contributing to the best year of sales for Kodak Enterprise in GCR, and producing 20% of the net full year Eastman Kodak earnings worldwide.

Theo Wit leveraged the competitive advantages of the Eastman Kodak High Speed Document Scanning solution, while simultaneously educating end users, to transform the South Korean market share from zero to number one. With direct competition from Japanese manufacturers, Theo Wit established a new sales team, and implemented a sales channel incentive approach in the distribution of the High Speed Document Scanning solution.

The result of this innovative approach, led by Theo Wit, resulted in Eastman Kodak’s High Speed Document Scanning solution moving into the number one position in the GCG-GCR market. In addition, Theo Wit led Eastman Kodak team members, both in direct and indirect sales teams, to expand into vertical markets including financial institutions (banks and insurance), government agencies, utilities, telecom, and hospitals.

In addition to his leadership role with Eastman Kodak, Theo Wit has frequently been invited as guest speaker at international seminars, trade fairs, and has been featured in major international television and print publications. With a commitment to inspire team members, both at Eastman Kodak and beyond, Theo Wit has played a key role in mentoring, training, and empowering others to succeed in achieving their goals.

Theo is excited being part of our B2B-Spoken Platform aiming for a cleaner planet and an equal distribution of wealth.